Getting Started



Re-pairing the 2 earbuds back to each other if they become disconnected:

Sometimes the auto pair of the buds can be disrupted if the control buttons are double tapped during the normal power-on sequence. We would recommend first placing the buds in your ears, then turning them on so you can hear the voice prompts to ensure they are connected properly before pressing the control buttons.

1. Turn off your phone’s Bluetooth.

2. Long press your earbuds until they turn on and continue to hold until you see the led light flash red and blue on each bud, then release.

3. Buds should pair back together.

4. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and select “FiTerra” there should only be 1 “FiTerra” option.

Troubleshoot pairing to Mac computers:

1. Click on your Bluetooth icon , menu should appear.

2. Select "FiTerra by RL".

3. Select "Open Sound Preferences".

4. Click on "Output" and make sure FiTerra is selected.

5. Click on "Input" and make sure FiTerra/Bluetooth is selected. It is important that this input method is
"Bluetooth." You may only hear audio from one side of the headphones at this moment, if so, please turn
off both earbuds and then turn back on. FiTerra should now work properly at this point with your Mac.

Product Diagram

FiTerra LED and Button Diagram.png